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Casino Crooks

Casino Crack Down on Crooks. As long as people have inhabited the earth, there have been those who will try to gain an unfair advantage on others. In casinos, these folks are called “cheaters," and their fates upon being caught are not pleasant.

There has always been a small percentage of individuals who have tried to outsmart the system.  Years ago, when the United States was involved in an unpopular war with Viet Nam, young adults fled across the U.S. border into Canada to avoid being called by the Selective Service System into the armed forces. 



Our newspapers are filled with examples of crookery and chicanery in our world financial system.  Our present economic crisis was precipitated by poor oversight and shady practices by those in power in order for these people to make billions at the expense of the common person.  In the casino industry, things are no different.  A select few have always attempted to beat the system.  The problems for these people start when they are caught.



We all remember scenes from the Western movies of the 1950’s and 60’s where “good guys” and “bad guys” played poker in the town saloon. The bad guy always had a card up his sleeve, or one of his associates peaking at the cards of other players.  Once the good guy discovered that cheating was going on, the guns were drawn and the bad guy ended up in Potter’s Field.



A couple of years ago, the hit movie, “21,” depicted a card counting scandal at Las Vegas casinos.  The scheme was devised by a professor at M.I.T., who recruited students to learn the art and science of card counting in the game of Blackjack.  He taught them the insides of Las Vegas gambling, and took them to Vegas to put their skills into use.  The movie showed the less glamorous side of the Vegas casinos when a card crook is caught.  These college students never had a chance to cash in on their earnings, and were lucky to escape with their lives, although a few of them lost fingers, a common remedy to cure card cheating.



The online casino gambling industry has also been rocked by a few scandals over the past few years.  One of the most common forms of online casino gambling improprieties is when there is collusion between players in a poker game.  Often, the cheating involved an insider to the online casino operations.  However, these instances have been brought to light and the perpetrators punished to the fullest extent of the law. 



That is why you need to be pro-active and research the casino of your choice before laying down your hard earned money.  Another format which guarantees fair and honest play is the free casino site.  On these sites, you can play your favourite casino games for free, and you never have to worry about someone trying to deceive and cheat you.








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