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Free online poker is one of the formidable attractions in the online casino parlour. The popularity of free casino games, especially Caribbean Poker and other free online poker games, is undisputed. You might think that the game of poker was invented by outlaws and rustlers in the Old Wild West. Actually, the game of poker dates back over a thousand years to the ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations. Over the years, the game of poker evolved, and was introduced to America by French settlers in the early 1800's. The game of poker was immortalized in movie depictions of those days in the Wild West, when every town had a saloon, and every saloon had a poker table.

Caribbean Poker is a variation of the original based on the old five-card showdown. The game was adapted by crews working cruise ships to the Caribbean Islands in the late 1800's. Since it was the only poker game offered, the passengers became a captive audience. With the establishment of land-based casinos, Caribbean Poker was introduced to a completely new audience about a hundred years ago.

With the advent of the online gambling industry in 1995, poker once again endeared itself to a whole new generation of players. Free online poker is popular because it brings all the thrills and excitement of land-based casino poker directly to you through your computer. Online poker games also provide entertainment for those who might otherwise never have the opportunity to play the game.

Caribbean Poker has become a favourite with the millions of international players who enjoy the relaxation that it affords. Free online poker is one of the more preferred games because of the strategies employed., the premier free casino on the Web, offers no download poker with clear graphics, excellent understandable instructions (see below), and an opportunity to win real money by playing for virtual money.

Learn more about the rules of Caribbean Poker as follows:

  • To fall cards - stake ANTE will be lost(SURRENDER);
  • To begin play, click on “Enter Casino” and then click on the “poker table” picture.
  • Commence play by making a wager, also called an ante. Place your ante in center box.


Now, you are ready to compete against the Dealer.


  • You are dealt a five card hand face up.
  • The Dealer is dealt a five-card hand, with only the last card dealt face up. Based on your hand and the card that the Dealer is showing, you decide to either stay in the game or fold your hand. If you fold, you forfeit your ante. If you stay in the game, then you must add a further bet equal to twice (2x) the amount of your original ante. This bet is called the “raise.”
  • The Dealer then reveals his/her cards. For the game to continue, the Dealer must qualify by having a minimum of an Ace and King hand. If the Dealer does not qualify, players in the game win even money on their ante and the raise is returned.
  • If the Dealer qualifies, then your hand is compared to the dealer’s, and the highest hand wins, according to the normal poker ranking of hands.


If your hand wins, you win even money on your ante, and get additional odds on your raise bet according to the following payoff table:

Combination Description Payments
Royal Flush A, K, Q, J and 10 all in the same suit 100:1
Straight Flush Five cards of same suit in sequential order 50:1
Four Of A Kind Four cards of the same value 20:1
Full House Three cards of same value, and a pair 7:1
Flush Five cards of the same suit 5:1
Straight Five cards in sequential order 4:1
Three Of A Kind Three cards of the same value 3:1
Two Pair Two pairs of cards in the same hand 2:1
Pair Two cards with the same value 1:1
Ace/King An Ace or King in your hand 1:1

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