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We really can’t stress enough how important it is to play at trusted, regulated real money online gambling casinos in 2020. UK players who stick to licensed sites will be playing in secure environments where the software has been thoroughly vetted, and the games are 100% fair and honest.

Play at the licensed gambling sites we recommend and you have nothing to worry about, but we can’t guarantee your online security if you don’t. There will always be online gambling sites out there looking to prey on UK players by stealing their personal information or cheating them at the virtual tables. You should also be wary of any site that has failed to meet licensing requirements.

On this page we’re going to look at some blacklisted sites as tales of caution. We hope this serves as a very strong argument for avoiding rogue online casinos in future, and sticking purely to licensed sites for UK players.

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How are online gambling sites regulated in the UK?

All real money gambling websites serving UK players must hold a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission. This same body is then responsible for regulating the sites and making sure they stick tightly to the requirements of that license.

As per a new law passed in 2020, this licensing process now also applies to sites operating overseas. If you want to have UK players on your gambling or betting website, there’s no workaround other than holding a license and following the rules as they are laid out.

Here are some rogue sites that have been blacklisted or shut down in recent years.

Seals with Clubs poker website

Seals with Clubs was a popular bitcoin poker website that attracted a big player based being before being shut down. One of the major issues was the site was operating without a license, a crime for which the owner Bryan Micon was reportedly fined $25,000.

Micon was also given a two-year probation sentence by a judge. The court found Seals with Clubs had been running as a real cash poker site for just shy of a year, but doing so without any legal clearance.

African Palace Casino

According to online reports, this real cash casino stands accused of failing to pay out on jackpots. This type of complaint must be taken seriously as one of the biggest scams operated is the one that takes your money but makes it very hard for you to withdraw funds you’ve won fairly.

Jackpots Heaven

This operation allegedly stole the casino software their games were run on and also copied website copy to build their own site. Operating in this way speaks to owners who are looking to make a fast buck and have little or no concern for people who get hurt along the way.

Teller Processing Casinos

These guys allegedly took the money deposited by online players and used it for their own purposes. This is another classic scam, where gamblers are lured to a site with a great offer only to see their funds mysteriously disappear soon after being deposited.

BLR Technologies

This site has been accused of running rigged gaming software. This is one of the biggest concerns of online gamblers, as you’re always completely at the mercy of the software being deployed. When you play at unlicensed sites there’s always the chance this software has been corrupted to ensure the casino wins a lot more often than it ought to.

Lucky 18 Casino

This is another site that has got people very angry at online forums and prompted no end of complaints. The damning allegation is that they have failed to pay players on time, if at all, when withdrawals have been requested. If you’re wondering how long a withdrawal should typically take, the answer is anywhere from 3-7 days. But if you’re kept waiting longer than that and can’t get a reply from the customer service team, they may well be a problem

How to stay safe at online gambling sites

Hopefully you’ve read these cautionary tales as warnings to what might happen if you stray from trusted, licensed online casinos. Now it’s time to adjust your thinking and follow set rules to ensure you don’t fall victim to a casino scam in the future.

  • Only play at sites with a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission. To be absolutely certain you can check license numbers against the Government’s database to validate them.
  • Don’t be tempted by sites that promote offers that seem too good to be true. They almost certainly are, and the owners are using these offers as bait to lure in gullible players they will fleece later.
  • Never deposit funds at a site that does not have a valid license. Once your funds are deposited there may be no way of retrieving them. Moreover, your claim will be very hard to follow up against a rogue site that has probably done a good job of covering its tracks.
  • Report all suspicious online casino activity to the UK Gambling Commission. This Government body does a great job of regulating the industry and they want to know if sites are trying to operate without a license.
  • The easiest way to stay safe at online casinos is simply to stick to the great sites we’ve highlighted for you. These are not only completely secure, but also deliver the very best in online casino entertainment for UK players.
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