Frequently Asked Questions About Online Gambling Sites


The aim of this site is to help UK players be as informed as possible about real money online gambling in 2020. We strive to bring you as much detail as possible on subjects as varied as poker formats, banking systems, online betting and legal concerns.

We can 100% guarantee a good look around our site will have you better prepared for your online gambling adventures. Ideally, you’ll read every page, but we can’t possibly expect to answer every question you might have.

It’s with that in mind we’ve taken the time to go over a few more concerns and give you some bonus answers. These ones are on us!

UK gambling FAQ

Can I take part in any form of online gambling in the UK?

Online gambling is legal in the UK but there are conditions for your participation. The site you play at must hold a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission and you must be of legal gambling age. Find the best legal online gambling sites here

What is the required age to play?

You must be aged 18 or over to gamble online in the UK. When it comes to land-based casino gambling that age may be lifted to 21 at certain venues, but is typically 18+ also.

Is it regulated?

Yes. The UK Gambling Commission regulates all online and offline gambling in the UK, as empowered by the UK Government. The Gambling Commission reports into the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

All real money online gambling sites must apply for a license to offer trade to UK players. Only licensed sites are allows to operate and that includes overseas websites who wish to attract UK players to their casino or gambling sites.

Are my winnings taxable?

No tax is payable on your online gambling winnings, or any gambling winnings for that matter. The UK taxman isn’t interested in taking away your hard-earned real cash, which means you get to keep all yourself. This is even true if you become a full-time pro gambler.

Can gambling affect my credit rating?

Not directly, but be aware that getting into credit card debt or any kind of debt for that matter can impact your credit rating. It’s vitally important when you gamble to a set budget and stay within your means.

Legal and safe gambling FAQ

Are online gambling sites legal?

Gambling sites are legal in the UK providing they have a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

How can I be sure sites are not rigged?

Licensed sites have to meet very strict standards for fair play and are regulated to ensure their software is performing as required. Random number generator software is used to make sure every spin, deal or ball drop is completely honest.

What should I look for in a trusted site?

The first thing to look for is a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission. This should be displayed on a site’s homepage and can be crosschecked against the UK Government database.

Can I guarantee my winnings will be paid on time?

That depends what you mean by “on time”. Withdrawing funds typically takes 3-7 days as most sites go through security steps before releasing money. As long as you’re inside that window everything is fine. Check out our list of the best fast withdrawal gambling sites in the UK. If a site takes much longer than that to send you funds then you might have an issue. In which case you should report it.

What should I do if I have problems with an online casino?

The UK Gambling Commission is there to take your complaints and work on your behalf should you not get the answers you need from a real money gambling site.

Casino FAQ

Do casino sites accept GBP (£)?

Not all of them, but you’ll find a great selection of top sites that do accept £sterling as working currency.

What is the most popular form of gambling in the UK?

If we’re talking pure player numbers it’s hard to beat the lottery in the UK, which pulls in millions every week. Outside of that there will always be a strong betting base, and then you’re into the ever-growing numbers who enjoy the thrills of online gambling.

What game yields more wins?

Blackjack is said to be one of the table games with the best odds for a win. If you’re looking for consistent victories, it’s hard to beat slots however, where you’ll be winning regularly.

How much money can be won?

That’s a very tricky question to answer in a focused fashion. If we’re talking about total winnings there are hundreds of millions won each year in the UK. If you’re talking more about a one-off jackpot, the biggest you’ll find would be a lottery jackpot or progressive slots win, which could be £5 million or more.

The amount you can win is typically linked to the stake you’re prepared to put down and the odds you want to go for. Go bold enough playing any casino game and there’s a chance you could win a very big amount in the thousands.

Have there been any big UK winners?

Yes there have. For example, in 2020 a fisherman from Scotland claimed a £5.4 million jackpot playing on online progressive slots game. Just six months before another player had won £4.5 million at the same casino site. Read about some more big winners here.

Is it possible to beat the casinos?

That depends what you mean by “beat the casinos”. If you’re talking about getting so good at online gambling that you can consistently win and make a living from it, then yes, that’s entirely possible. Plenty of people in the UK are living and breathing examples of that.

However, if you’re talking about some kind of tactic or scheme that allows you to win at will, that’s not going to happen. The software running these sites is too advanced to allow for tricks or be taken advantage of in 2020.

Should I sign up to more than one gambling or casino site?

That depends. If you have the time and money to play at more than one, then absolutely you should, as you’ll be benefitting from multiple bonus promotions that will grow your playing funds. You’ll also be open to a wider selection of games and be able to vary your experience.

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