Online Gambling Glossary


The world of online gambling is no stranger to specialist terms and jargon. Spend enough time playing real cash games like poker, roulette or slots and you will pick up all kinds of new words that you never before knew the meaning of.


Seeing as bonuses can have a big impact on your account balance, you better fully understand the terms being used to describe how they work.

  • Welcome bonus is the term for a bonus that is laid on for new players to a site. These are typically paid out on your initial deposit or first group of deposits.
  • A match bonus is where the casino matches the amount of cash you deposit and puts it in your account. A full match bonus would be to 100% of the level you paid in, while a 50% match would represent half of what you paid in and so forth.
  • Reload bonuses are where the casino rewards players for topping up their online real cash accounts. It might be that every month your reload you benefit from a match bonus of some kind.
  • Referral bonuses are rewards paid out to registered players who draw new business to an online casino or poker site. Once your friend has signed up and deposited funds, you’ll be in for a benefit.


There’s no more important area than banking. This is where knowing your key terms can really help you understand how online casino banking works, and thus choose the method of banking that’s right for you.

  • E-wallet is the product offered by companies such as PayPal and Neteller, where you money is stored digitally and you can make transfers without needing to enter your full banking details at a site.
  • Cashout is another word used for making withdrawals at online casinos. To “cashout” is simply to remove funds from your casino account and send them to your personal banking option.
  • Wire transfer is how casinos refer to any kind of digital funds transfer between the player and the site.
  • Payout percentage is a statistic that shows how likely a game or site is to pay out winners. You’ll also see this referred to as “theoretical payout percentage” and “RTP”, which stands for “return to player”.

Casino games

There are so many casino games on offer online you can’t possibly be expected to know what they all are. Here are some basic terms to help you.

  • Slots is the generic term used to define online real money slot machines. These are digital machines that come in a huge variety of themes and game format options.
  • Table games refer to casino favourites such as roulette, craps, blackjack/a> and baccarat. These are games traditionally played at tables in casinos and with dealers or croupiers involved for live action.
  • Video poker is not the same as poker. In video poker you’re effectively playing a slots machine that serves up cards across the reels, with the aim to score high poker combinations.
  • Progressive jackpot games pool money from other games being played to build to one big jackpot for the lucky winner.

Poker terms

Online poker is extremely popular at real money casinos, and perhaps the area with more specialist terms and phrases than any other game. We couldn’t possibly cover them all, but here are some of the big ones you need to know.

  • Texas Hold’em is the poker format you’ll probably know best. Each player is dealt two cards, with five dealt to the community.
  • A bad beat bonus is where a poker site provides winnings to the best losing hand over a set time period or number of hands.
  • Blinds are bets every player at the table must make in a game of poker to get things going. The player left of the dealer makes the small blind. The player next to him or her then makes the big blind.
  • To fold is to throw in your cards and concede your hand.
  • Fish is the term commonly used to refer to weak or novice poker players. Some online poker players seek out fish to achieve easy wins, while others are wary of the unpredictability they bring to a game.
  • H.O.R.S.E is a very popular poker format that draws on five variations of the game. Players play consecutive hands of Texas Hold’em, Omaha hi-ho, razz, seven-card stud and seven-card stud hi-lo
  • No-limit is where players can go all-in and bet whatever they like.
  • The pot in poker refers to the money at stake in any one hand. The winner of the hand takes the pot.


Not the most exciting of areas, but you’ll want to know the basics here to ensure you enjoy the best experience possible.

  • Mobile casinos are those accessible via an Internet browser or app on your mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet.
  • Live dealer play is where the online casino beams you a live feed of a real-life dealer to run the game you’re playing.
  • Flash is an application that is commonly used to serve casino games through web browsers. It delivers animation and high-quality graphics to bring you instant play games online.
  • Software download is the process of downloading casino software onto your desktop or mobile device as a portal to access the games.
  • Instant Play refers to casino entertainment you can access directly via an Internet browser, without the need to download special software.


Staying safe online is vital, so you’ll want to be familiar with these terms.

  • eCOGRA is a company that monitors casino sites for their security. A site with a valid eCOGRA certificate is deemed safe for play.
  • The UK Gambling Commission is the body that regulates all online casinos serving games to players in the UK. All active real money sites must have licenses granted by the Gambling Commission to operate.
  • Https is the technology used to keep the connection between a player and an online gambling site secure. This is particularly important when making deposits and withdrawals, to keep your banking details safe.
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