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We love online casinos so much that we built an entire website devoted to them, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore the UK’s brick and mortar “offline” venues. Land-based casinos still have their considerable merits and can provide something a little different to their online cousins.

On this page we’re going to outline the most compelling reasons to visit a land-based casino. We’ll tell you what to expect and how to prepare, and for those who’ve never been we’ll try our best to give you a vivid picture of the experience to be had. Most importantly we’ll direct you to the best casinos the UK has to offer.

What is the atmosphere like at a top UK casino?

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter the building is a palpable buzz of excitement. The action is all around you, and as you walk into the main playing room at a top casino room you’ll feel a big surge of adrenalin start to take hold.

The sounds of chips being piled, dice being thrown and cards being dealt can be heard over the hum of gambling chatter. Dealers and croupiers are running the games, while the room is filled with the excited voices of players in the midst of the entertainment.

Every now and then you’ll hear the sound of a big win. A whole table might explode if the win is dramatic enough, or maybe it will just be the voice of one player meeting his victory with gusto. Meanwhile, the crowds sip drinks and strangers become friends all over the casino.

What do people wear on a night out at a land-based casino?

It’s really important to check a casino’s dress code before making the trip. You’ll find most demand smart attire and they may have stipulations that rule out certain items of clothing, such as jeans or trainers.

Some exclusive casinos tend to be filled with gamblers wearing suits or glamorous dresses, but it’s uncommon for such a code enforced for all entering a venue. The typical dress code would be for smart-casual attire. Just be sure to do your research or face getting turned away at the door!

What does offline play offer than online can’t?

One of the best things about offline casinos is the fact you can see the players you’re up against. In a bluffing game like poker this adds a whole new element, pulling in facial expressions and body language to influence your tactical approach.

It’s also great for games where you’re together against the dealer, or a game like roulette where everybody is up against the house. You get to share the excitement with other people and celebrate their victories as they celebrate yours. Naturally you’re hoping you'll win more than they do!

What are the stake levels at offline casinos?

One of the big appeals of going offline is the high stakes you’ll find available for table games and slot machines. You’re going to come upon big-time games where it’s possible to win thousands of pounds and even potentially go away with a life-changing sum in your pocket.

Offline casinos will typically have private areas for the really high level tables, where single hands of poker might be played for tens of thousands or more. You’ll also come across progressive slots machines with jackpots going up to figures in the millions.

What other entertainment will you find there?

One of the big advantages of offline casinos is that they tend to offer a lot more than just gambling. Most of the best have top-end restaurants and late-night bars to enjoy, while some offer overnight accommodation on site to make things as convenient as possible.

A good number of the UK’s top casino venues will put on special entertainment to keep you entertained away from the tables. This could be everything from a famous pop star performance, to a magician turning tricks or a DJ spinning tunes into the early hours.

Are offline casinos expensive?

You’re going to need a good amount of cash to have a great time at an offline casino, partly because of all the associated costs that typically come with the experience. We’re talking about food, drinks, transport and maybe a hotel room if you’re planning on staying late into the night.

And then there’s the gambling. Minimum stake levels will be a lot higher than you’re used to online, so expect to drop more in playing money. That being said, remember that the winnings can be a lot bigger, too, so you might walk away with a tidy profit from your evening’s work.

Are there legal casinos in the UK?

Yes. If you’re based in the UK you’ve got well over 50 casinos to choose from, which means there will almost certainly be one within driving distance from your house. These casinos are all licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, a body run by the Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Are casinos completely safe in the UK?

All licensed casinos in the UK are staffed with a team of highly trained security personnel. They are there to ensure you stay safe at all times, and know all the things to watch for in terms of illegal behaviour. CCTV will also be trained on every possible space inside the casino venue, so illegal activity can be sniffed out early.

Which casino should I play at?

Your starting point is to consult our shortlist of the best offline casinos in the UK. These were highlighted by our team of gambling experts, and represent the top destinations for both beginners and experienced casino players.

You’ll find these casinos have a great mix of games on offer, and also deliver the electric atmosphere you should expect from a night out on the tables. These are all fully licensed casinos and regulated by the UK Government.

Take a good look at the selection and see which one sounds the most appealing. From there, it’s just a question of getting dressed up and getting down there!

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