Privacy Policy for (hereinafter denoted as “We”, “the Site”, “Us” or “Our Site”) runs this website. This page is designed to inform you of any cookies that we collect or information we receive from users on the Site.

We rely on information only to improve the gaming experience by Us. By making us of our site you agree we’re allowed to collect information from you and make use of it according to the policy.

Using and Collecting Information

During your use of the site, it’s possible we’ll ask for information that may be used to identify or contact you. This information (now to be referred to as “personal information”) might include your name, but is not limited to that.

Data Log

We gather information from your web browser, just like most other operators do. We’ll call this “Log Data” from now on. This is gathered each time you visit the Site. Log Data commonly includes information such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address, as well as the version and type of web browser that you are using. We may also gather information about specific pages that you browse, and time that you visited each of them as well as how long you are on them.


We reserve the right to contact you using the information that you provide, with newsletters, promotional materials and marketing. You’ll always be able to unsubscribe from our mailings and to opt out of receiving any of the information.


Cookies are little bits of data sent from your computer to your web browser for use by websites. These cookies do not give us any access to your device, your computer or the information kept on it.

The Ways We Use Cookies

Each time you visit the Site, there is a chance you’ll receive cookies from Us. These are for the following reasons (but are not limited to them):

To offer us analytics of your visits, to offer exciting features to Our visitors and to provide personal advertising to every one of Our Site visitors.

Utilizing third Party Cookies

While we generate our own cookies, we can also use third-party cookies for the same reasons. These cookies help with delivering specific advertisements, for providing important statistics and for other purposes.

What Choices do You Have Considering Our Cookies?

When it comes to Our cookies you always have a choice. You can decide to delete all the cookies coming from Our Site. It’s important to know that if you delete Our cookies, you won’t enjoy all of the Site features, and you won’t have your preferences stored. It’s also possible some of our pages won’t display properly with cookies disabled.

Linking to Other Sites

At places on Our Site we may hyperlink (link) to other websites, and we have no control over these pages. Following an external link will bring you to an outside website that we can’t protect or manage, so these sites are outside of this privacy statement.

Security and Safety

We take customer security very seriously, but electronic sites can never be 100% secure. We do our best to use commercially viable means of protection, but We can never guarantee 100% security for visitors.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve Our right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any point in the future. We encourage our users to come back and check this page regularly to stay up-to-date about our site policies and any changes that are made. Any use of Our Site constitutes as an agreement to this Privacy Policy and changes that are made to it in the future, and your agreement to follow all the rules and information given in this Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

Any questions that you have about our Privacy Policy can be answered by contacting us.