Your Guide To Secure Online Gambling


Online gambling can be like the Wild West out there if you’re not careful to protect yourself and don’t act with caution when it comes to the sites you play. Players in the UK will find countless options in terms of real money casinos to choose from, but it’s vitally important you stick to trustworthy, licensed outlets that put your online safety at a premium.

On this page we’re going to break down the online gambling security basics. We’ll tell you what you need to be afraid of, how to avoid bad things happening to you and we’ll outline the methods used by law-abiding, credible real cash sites to ensure your online play is both fair and safe.

Here are the key areas we’re going to cover:

  • Security dangers
  • Protecting yourself online
  • Banking tips and methods

What are the biggest security risks of online gambling?

Let’s take a look at the biggest security dangers facing fans of online gambling in the UK:

  • Online fraud and identity theft can occur when a site is hacked, or if you fall victim to a fraudulent casino site set up to scam you. Players stand to lose big sums of money if card details are cloned, or suffer huge inconvenience if their personal information is jeopardised.
  • Corrupt software can do irreversible damage to your technical equipment when you download it. If the software is infected it could delete important files and lead to an expensive repair bill for the hardware you’re using.
  • Rigged casino games leave players cheated out of playing money. If the software running the games has been manipulated in favour of the casino you stand to be conned out of your hard-earned cash.
  • Accessing a connection to a bad casino site can leave you open to potential damage to your technical equipment and files. A corrupt site may use the information gateway to pass a virus or hack into your details to cause damage.

How to stay safe at online casinos

The most important advice we can give you is to stick to the casino sites we have recommended. These are not only the top sites for all-round user experience and entertainment value, but they also deliver locked-tight security and offer a completely secure environment for play.

No casino site makes our shortlist unless it’s deemed 100% safe and to be offering 100% fair games. Moreover, every site on our list for UK players has been granted a license by the UK Gambling Commission, the official body that regulates online real money gambling.

Safe banking at online casinos

One of the biggest worries for online gamblers is that their banking details could be cloned or stolen to make fraudulent transactions online. This is the same fear faced by anybody making an online purchase anywhere, and it’s natural to be apprehensive in this area.

What you should know about licensed sites, however, is that they all come loaded with state-of-the-art security software in place to ensure your details remain hidden. There are firewalls in place to ensure nobody can ever get at the card details you input and they are monitored constantly.

What is https and how does it apply to gambling security?

Https is technology that online gambling sites use to make sure nobody can break the exclusive connection between a player and the casino. It forms a sealed online pathway that allows players to make payments and withdrawals, with access impossible for any entity that might attempt to hack in and steal information.

What are the best banking methods to use for security?

Providing you play at a licensed, secure gambling site you should feel comfortable using whichever banking method best suits you. That being said, some players prefer to use e-wallet products as they mask your actual bank details from the sites you play at.

With an e-wallet method, such as Neteller or PayPal, you can trigger payments by using a username and password connection that links the casino site to the bank accounts and cards that will fund the transaction.

Does third party auditing take place for online gambling rooms?

Yes it is does. An example would be eCOGRA, who are an approved independent body that rates the security of online casinos. Getting the seal of approval from eCOGRA is an industry-recognised nod to the fact your casino has everything in place to keep players safe online.

An agency like eCOGRA can also speak to the fair play element at a casino, which is vitally important for its credibility. To be extra careful, our advice when you see the eCOGRA logo at a gambling site is always to cross check the license number at the eCOGRA website to ensure its valid.

Fair play and Random Number Generator software

Online casinos are always being accused of being rigged or manipulated in some way. That’s because some are, and you need to be very careful to only play at the casino sites we can say for certain are 100% clean and fair.

The sites doing things right all use Random Number Generator software (RNG) to play out such elements as card deals, roulette spins and slot machine spins. This ensures all digital actions are performed completely at random and the result is in no way preordained.

Can I feel safe playing online?

Yes you can, but only if you follow our advice and keep to the licensed casino sites we’ve highlighted for you. Do that and you’re guaranteed a worry-free gambling experience.

Now we’ve cleared all of that up for you, we’ll leave you to get playing!

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