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Slots Guide

Slots are the hugely popular in the world of real money online gambling. UK players will find them in prolific supply and in such rich variety you could probably try one a day for and not get bored for a very long time (we haven’t tested that theory, but let’s just say there are LOTS of slots online gambling games out there for your enjoyment).

On this page we’re going to break down the real money slots (and free) varieties available for players in the UK. We’re also going to outline what playing themed slots means, and get into odds, as well as the jackpots you can win.

Let’s spin the reels of information…

What are slots?

When we say slots, what we’re talking about here is a game played on a virtual slots machine online, with a set number of reels spinning to reveal symbols.

In the UK we call the physical version a fruit machine, with the win line(s) paying out on certain combinations as determined by the slots game you’re playing. After a spin players can sometimes perform actions such as holding certain reels in place for the next spin.

Why do people love them so much?

Slots have always been a big draw in brick and mortar casinos and that trend has been continued online. People love the fact they’re easy to play, you can play many spins in a short period of time and there’s always the possibility you could score a big jackpot win for a relatively low stake.

What varieties of online slots are available?

Let’s look at some of the ways online gambling slots offer variety:

  • The most obvious differential between slots gambling games online is the number of reels they’re played on. The most common formats have three, five or seven reels in play
  • Win lines can also vary in number. There will always be a horizontal win line in the centre, but some online slots will add diagonal and even vertical win lines to spice things up and up your chance of success. Win lines are also known as pay lines.
  • Stake levels can range anywhere from penny slots all the way up to high roller slots, where you might be paying as much as £50 for a single spin. It’s important to play to your bankroll here and be aware that you can run through quite a few spins in a very short time period.
  • Poker machines, sometimes known as “pokies”, use the slots format for a game that is based on the rules of the popular card game. You’re trying to spin winning poker combinations, such as pairs or a royal flush.
  • 3D slot machines are all about a heightened visual experience for the player. The slots game is presented in cinema-style quality, incorporating its theme to really add a rich element to what you’re looking at.

Slot machine themes

This is where slots gambling games get really fun and allow you to pick games that appeal to your particular interest area. Most slots machines at the top casinos are themed so that the symbols play into a certain subject area for your amusement.

Here are some examples of the kind of themes you might come upon playing slots in the UK:

  • Aztec’s treasure
  • Dynasty of Ming
  • Holmes and the stolen stones
  • Zeus
  • Monopoly
  • Halloween
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan’s big break

That's just a very small sample from a good online casino site. You’ll be amazed at how many different themes are available at the real cash gambling sites we recommend you play. There really is a theme for every player out there and you’ll enjoy browsing the selection until you find one that peaks your interest.

Slots jackpots

It’s the online slots questions everybody in the UK wants to know the answer to: How big are the jackpots and what’s my chance of winning one? OK, take a breath. The largest ever win by a slots online player was a staggering €17,861,813, which was claimed by a player in Finland back in 2020. She was playing a progressive jackpot game, which we’ll get on to explaining shortly.

In terms of more realistic jackpots, you could be looking at anything from £10 all the way up to numbers in the thousands. There really is a huge range of jackpots up for grabs depending on the stake level you’re prepared to play at. If you’re paying £50 a spin, for example, you better be getting a jackpot in the £1,000 range or above.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive slots are where linked online slots games come together to generate a huge jackpot for the eventual winner. Your chances of winning are not that great, but for an affordable stake you’re putting yourself in the mix for a potentially huge payday. That lucky lady in Finland could be you if you give progressive jackpot slots a try.

What are the odds for online slots?

Slots odds are typically displayed as pay out percentage per site or game. This percentage represents the amount paid in by gamblers that gets paid out in winnings. A range from 80% to the high 90s is typical, and you should be on the look out for sites with the highest percentage in this category.

Is it legal to play online slots for cash in the UK?

Yes it is, providing you’re 18 or over and playing at a fully licensed online gambling site. All casino sites servicing players in the UK have to be carrying a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission.

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